Maintenance is the Key to Success

With the service program, the facility will have

  • Higher retention of customers
  • Preventative measures for liability
  • Less repair and replacement costs

A regular maintenance program will extend the life of the equipment, save on costs and provide for minimal downtime.  Healthy customers, healthy equipment and a healthy facility will be the beneficiaries of the Preventative Maintenance Program.

The Benefits of the Program to Your Facility

The service agreement allows regular servicing of the equipment at the facility. Preventing out-of-order notices from being displayed; providing for lower repair costs on all equipment; creating a safe workout environment and limit potential liability; plus increase greatly the lifespan of the equipment; are all key ingredients of the maintenance program; therefore greater return on your facility’s investment.

Procedure of the Maintenance Visits

The facility schedules the maintenance:  Monthly, Quarterly or Bi-Annually.
All equipment covered under the agreement will:

  • Be inspected for safety
  • Cleaned thoroughly on the interior and the exterior
  • Lubricated and adjusted according to the manufacturers specifications.

Upon completion of the service visit, a Preventative Maintenance Checklist will be presented to the facility to indicate the areas to repair; and avoid any down time or maintenance issues in your facility.

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